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Trip Reports from Around the World.

Around the World

From time to time I have written reports of my trips. Read about the seabird colonies of Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Peru, Midway Atoll, Antarctica, Mexico.

Wandering Wild America 

The webmaster traveled around North America in a camper for 3 years. These are a few of my trip reports.

Around The World  Emmalee Tarry and Others

Seabird Colonies of Wales, Ireland, Scotland 2003
Australia and New Zealand 2002
Antarctica 1999
Midway Atoll 2001

El Cielo Birding and Butterfly Festival - Mexico
Victoria Birding Festival - Tamaulipas Mexico

Peru -2008 Reserva Amazonica

Ecuador -Islas Galápagos 2004

Drake Passage CBC 2001  Report by Rick Heil


Wandering Wild America - Not just birds


San Diego Winter
t Lawrence Island - Gambel 2010  WIP

Dinosaur Tracks

North American Rock Art
Rio Grand Valley of Texas - Drought

Montana- A Great Birding Road
Alaska - Inside Passage, Aleutians, Kenai, Denali


May - Newburyport Massachusetts
June - Bar Harbor Maine and Acadia National Park
November - South Florida Everglades, Corkscrew, Ding Darling


1976 Roger Tory Peterson's Dozen Birding Hot Spots  by George Harrison Simon and Schuster
I had been birding for several years before I read this book.  It did plant the idea of traveling to see different birds you couldn't find in your backyard.  Once I started I never stopped.   My first hotspot was to visit Point Pelee.  Over the years I carefully checked off the hotspots as I visited them.  I never did make the whole dozen.    Someday  I am determined to make it to Bear River.  Two others will remain unvisited.  The Platte is  difficult to visit in early spring and there are many other places for Sand Hill Cranes. Hawk Mountain must be visited on a good migration day and I have been to Mt. Wachusetts in Massachusetts several times on good days.

The book is out of print, but here are the dozen hotspots:

  1. Everglades: A Place for Anhingas and Avocados
  2. Southern Texas: Down Mexico Way
  3. The Platte: River of Cranes *
  4. Southeasters Arizona: Rising from the Desert Floor
  5. Point Pelee: Funnel to the North
  6. Bear River: Paradise for Water Birds  *
  7. Coast of Maine: Down East Islands
  8. Gaspé: Seabird Bastion
  9. Hawk Mountain: Sailors of the Mountaintops *
  10. Cape May: The Morning of Birding Madness
  11. Horicon: At the Sign of the Flying Goose
  12. Tule-Klamath-Malheur: Sound of a Million Wings

* not visited by Emmalee Tarry