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New England Seabirds

 Wilson's Storm-petrel  Dave Jones

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Pelagic Birding Directory


For Wandering Sea Birders

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Pelagic Birding Directory

Seabird Areas New England

The Continental Shelf Edge

Nor'easter Birding


US - East Coast

Brookline Bird Club of Massachusetts
Dedicated birding trips to the Continental Shelf Edge trips from Hyannis Port. Birding trips on whale watching boats..

New Hampshire Audubon
Dedicated birding trips in spring and fall from Rye,NH

Massachusetts Audubon Society
Dedicated birding trips and whale watch trips sponsored by the Joppa Flats Audubon from Newbury, MA

Maine Audubon Society
Dedicated fall pelagic from Bar Harbor produces Great Skua regularly.

Seabirding Pelagic Trips ( formerly Brian Patterson Pelagics )
Regular dedicated birding pelagic trips from North Carolina and Virginia

See Life Paulagics
Ten or more pelagic trips from Cape May, Belmar, NJ, or Lewes,DE including winter trips for Great Skua and Alcids. PO Box 161; Green Lane, PA; 18054; (215) 234-6805;

Coastal Research and Education Society of Long Island
Natural history trips to destinations including Georges Bank, the Great South Channel, and shelf-edge canyons south of New England. Departures are from Montauk, NY with stops at New Bedford, MA.

U.S. Pacific Coast

Oregon Pelagic Tours
Tim Shelmerdine Formerly associated with Greg Gilson who has moved to San Diego

Alvaro's Adventures
Pelagic trips north and south of San Francisco including Half Moon Bay, Cordell Bank and the Farallon Islands.
To book e-mail us –; 650-504-7779,

Westport Seabirds Pelagic Trips
Pelagic trips from Westport, Washington. to Grays Canyon ( January thru October). Summer trips head further offshore into deeper waters.
This group taught the world to use beef suet as chum. Seabirds love it, it floats and its cheap. Thanks.

Shearwater Journeys
Pelagic trips from Monterey Bay and other California ports.

Monterey Bay Whale Watch and Monterey Bay Seabirds
This is a whale watch that operates in Monterey Bay that sounds very similar to the Boston area whale watches. They have trips every day and the cost is reasonable. Contact them for the Seabirds trips.

Oceanic Society Expeditions
Trips from San Francisco to the Farallon Islands. June - Novenber. Ran trips to Midway Atoll. (See Wandering Birder) when it was open. Marcy England, Oceanic Society Expeditions; Fort Mason Center; Building E; San Francisco, CA 94123; (415)474-3385

So Cal Pelagic Birding
New organization for pelagic birding and deep water expeditions fromSan Diego, Los Angeles, Dana Point in southern California
Working together, four Audubon's have coordinated schedules to provide excellent pelagic trip coverage throughout Southern California. Pelagic Trips are scheduled for every month but August and December.

The Searcher
Southern California birding and whale watching trips offshore and to Baja. See their web page.
The Searcher's owners, Celia Condit and Art Taylor, now host a Blog that reports notable pelagic sightings off Baja and Southern California. You can view it at

Outside US

New Zealand
Kaikoura Encounters
Formerly known as Albatross Encounters and before that as Oceanwings. Wonderful trips to Kaikoura Canyon only a few miles offshore. The webmaster saw 7 species of Albatross.
Daily trips out of Kaikoura on the south island of New Zealand

Nature Quest NZ
Organization that runs birding trips of various kinds in New Zeland.  None seem to be dedicated to pelagic seabirds.  They do run trips to Stewart Island to see the Brown Kiwi a bird I almost missed on my "do it yourself" birding trip to NZ.  Also the Yellow-eyed Penguin is on their itinerary although I had no trouble seeing this bird by myself.

Wollongong Pelagics
SOSSA Lindsay Smith
Wollongong is just south of Sydney, Australia. Trips are scheduled on the 4th Saturday of each month .Additional trips are organized at popular times of the year. Also provide information on pelagic trips from other parts of Australia.

South Africa
Zest for Birds
Trevor Hardaker and John Graham's ZEST for BIRDSsite lists pelagic trips and bird guiding from Cape Town South Africa

CapeTown Pelagics

A web site to encourage ecotourism and international birding interest in Africa, and more specifically our home region around Cape Town. Includes a seasonal table for all regularly occuring species off the Cape, based on over 300 pelagic seabird trips over the last 10 years.

Anne Albatross Cape Pelagic
Anne Gray pelagics out of Cape Town, South Africa.

Cost or Profit
Some of these trips are run at cost by various organizations. An example of this is trips sponsored by the Brookline Bird Club of Massachusetts. With other trips the sponsoring organization or individual may realize a profit which is used to further their conservation work. This is true of organizations like the various state Audubon Societies. In some cases an individual or company is organizing pelagic trips to make a taxable  profit.   I believe the sponsoring organization should be honest about the cost of their trips and if they are making a profit or not.  Making a taxable profit is not against the law.  Pay your taxes and be honest with your customers.

I have not included companies that sponsor bird trips like Victor Emanual Nature Tours which also offer an occasional pelagic trip.  These trips are well advertised by the sponsors and usually pelagic trips are a small part of their business.

This page is written and supported by the webmaster at her own expense.  The purpose is to encourage pelagic birding and I do not intend to argue about which trip sponsors are included and which not.

The webmaster has taken many of the trips but not all.   My  experience becomes dated very quickly.  If you have taken a trip with one of the listed sponsors please write a review and send it to the webmaster.

I would like to see a trip sponsor listed on this page.
Write to the webmaster.  You must have a web page as individual trips are not listed.                     Comments to webmaster

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