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New England Seabirds

 Wilson's Storm-petrel  Dave Jones

Other Sea Life

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Cetaceans - Whales, Dolphin

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Sea Turtles


Interesting Ocean Life

Threats to Marine Mammals

Right Whale breech with Humpback Whals in foreground Jim Beseda

In the background a Right Whale is breeching while in the foreground a Humpback Whale surfaces. Another exciting day off the coast of NH.  Photo by Jim Beseda

Other Sea Life
The sea around us contains many interesting animals and plants. The experienced fishermen who run the boats are experts on sea life and can help with identification. Most are happy to share their knowledge and at the same time learn from the expert birders aboard.  This section of the web page is devoted to pictures and identification of sea life other than birds. Mammals including whales, dolphins, and porpoises are the primary focus, but sharks, fish, sea turtles, jellyfish, and plants are included in the “+”..

The animals we go to see are threatened by many factors:  pollution, ship strikes, over fishing, entanglement in fishing gear.   "Threats to Marine Mammals" shows pictures of some of these problems.

One of the best wildlife spectacles in the world is the whale and dolphin show off the coast of New England!
Isn’t that getting a bit carried away? Well maybe. Certainly there are better spectacles in Africa, Antarctica and South America. But you better have big bucks and lots of time if you want to see them. The coast of New England in the summer offers a choice of many whale watching boats departing from various ports and sometimes costing less than $50 for a day trip. On most trips you will see whales and/or dolphins up close. When you hit a spectacular trip you might see something like the photograph above showing a close Humpback Whale and a distant breeching Right Whale. It may not be the best wildlife spectacle in the world but it is a good one and affordable. One trip is not enough. Enjoy it often.

Humpback Whale tail slapping EB Tarry

Humpback Whale slapping tail.  One of the interesting behaviors to be observed off the coast of New England. Photo by EB Tarry.

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