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New England Seabirds

 Wilson's Storm-petrel  Dave Jones

Other Sea Life


Dolphins & Porpoise

White-sided Dolphin
Common Dolphin
Common Bottlenose Dolphin
Risso's Dolphin
Spotted Dolphin
Striped Dolphin
Harbor Porpoise




Dolphins & Porpoises

Atlantic Spotted Dolphin
Stenella frontalis

Striped Dolphin
Stenella coeruleoalba

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Spotted Dolphin Jeremiah Trimble

Spotted Dolphin photographed by Jeremiah Trimble on 2010 August BBC pelagic. Awesome picture Jeremiah. Thanks for sharing. The young dolphins had pink skin.

Atlantic Spotted Dolphin
A large pod of Spotted Dolphin which included pink bellied calves and spotted adults was seen on the 2010 August BBC Pelagic.

The Atlantic Spotted Dolphin has a definite beak and a falcate dorsal fin in the middle of its back. Adults and calves have a 3 color pattern: dark gray dorsal cape, lighter gray zone on the sides that crosses over the back and white belly. The young are not spotted and the individuals we observed had bright pink bellies a feature I have not found described in the two resources I used to write this page. Spotting patterns are variable and increase with age. There may be a white tip to the beak. (Folkens 2002 )

The Spotted Dolphin resembles the Bottlenose Dolphin and on our trip the first call was for Bottlenosed Dolphin before the leaders got a better look and saw the very prominent spotting.

Spotted Dolphin are found in shallow and deep water and in the warm North Atlantic waters influenced by the Gulf Stream. (Folkens 2002)

Striped Dolphin

A pod of 120-150 Striped Dolphin was seen on the CORE offshore trip in 2001 just after leaving Gilbert's Canyon and again on the 2004 trip. The CORE trips were 2 night trips from Gloucester that focused on Cetaceans and Birds and went primarily to the offshore canyons of the Continental Shelf Edge. Unfortunately most people did not have digital cameras at the time of these trips so good pictures were few and far between.

The Striped Dolphin is a beaked Dolphin with a tall falcate dorsal fin. Like the Spotted Dolphin it has a 3 color pattern: dark gray on the dorsal side, light gray below with a "V" shaped intrusion on the dark gray, and white below. The white area is separated from the light gray by a dark stripe.

The Striped Dolphin lives further north than either the Atlantic Spotted Dolphin , Clymene Dolphin, or Spinner Dolphin. Ranges north to Newfoundland on the east side of the Atlantic and Scotland in the North Sea.


Striped Dolphin Wikipedia

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