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New England Seabirds News


"One of best and most accessible wildlife spectacles in the world is the whale and dolphin show off the coast of New England."   Emmalee Tarry





Coast of New Hampshire 2010. Breeching Right Whale with Humpback Whale in the foreground. Photograph by Jim Besada on the NH Tri-State Pelagic 9/13/2010.


Reports 2013

Lion's Mane Jellyfish


This has been a most disappointing summer for birds and Cetanceans off the New England Coast.  It happens.

There have been some good reports from Bar Harbor Maine from people going on the whale watch.

NH Audubon trip on 9/9/ had some good whales and dolphins. Birds included Red-necked Phalaropes, 2 WSP, 2 Manx Shearwaters and a flock of Golden Plover flying offshore.  See Reports 2013 for full report.

Trips 201


New England Trips  

NH Audubon has a trip scheduled for 10/13/2013 

Wandering Seabirder Trips - Going on a trip.  Search here for websites offering pelagic trips outside of New England.









Lion's Mane Jellyfish seen on Sept 2012 NH Audubon Trip out of Rye NH. What is it?

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New England Whale Watch Boats

World Wide Pelagic Trips for Wandering Seabirders  -updated

  Alvaro's Adventures

Pelagic trips north and south of San Francisco including Half Moon Bay, Cordell Bank and the Farallon Islands.


To book e-mail us alvaro@alvarosadventures.com; 650-504-7779,


Emmalee Tarry Webmaster Emmalee Tarry

The 2013 pelagic birding season has been a big disappointment.  It happens.  Don't give up. We need to keep the trips going.

 "Pelagic birding is always a crap shoot.  You can't win if you don't play. Play often."