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Updated: 08/12/2014                                                                                                                    


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"One of best and most accessible wildlife spectacles in the world is the whale and dolphin show off the coast of New England."   Emmalee Tarry





Coast of New Hampshire 2010. Breeching Right Whale with Humpback Whale in the foreground. Photograph by Jim Besada on the NH Tri-State Pelagic 9/13/2010.

From the webmaster:

 Back in 1983 when I moved to New England from the mid-west, one of the first things I did was to start birding with the Brookline Bird Club and going on dedicated pelagic birding trips to see both birds and whales. It is fair to say I got really carried away with both.  Birding in New England soon gave way to birding around the world and I tried never to miss a pelagic opportunity.  You don't just have to watch seabirds at sea. They come to land to breed and how exciting is a breeding colony of seabirds.   My first breeding colony was Machias Seal Island in Maine and I went there 8 times. The most memorable was walking through a colony of 250 breeding Great Skuas in the Shetland Islands north of Scotland.

Time marches on and change occurs.  I am more active with grandchildren than with pelagic birding trips.  I am still and will always be an active birder and of course very interested in seabirds.

I started this web page to encourage people in the greater Boston area to take whale watch trips in order to see seabirds since the lack of birds on Stellwagen Bank at that time no longer supported dedicated trips.  I believe it helped get people out there.  I used the web page to help fill dedicated pelagic trips I sponsored with the Brookline Bird Club.

I will for some time maintain some pages with pictures and information on the birds and other living things that have been seen on offshore trips.  I will no longer try to update pending trips or trip reports since this is hard information to keep up to date and available elsewhere.

I still believe that the wildlife show off the coast of New England is spectacular and accessible.  The wildlife of Antarctica is also spectacular, but you better have time and money or you are going to miss it.  Don't miss what is really close to home. 




Pelagic Trips in New England

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Wandering Seabirder Trips - Going on a trip.  Search here for websites offering pelagic trips outside of New England.

Emmalee Tarry Webmaster Emmalee Tarry

2014 Summer   Whales on Stellwagen Bank. 

 "Pelagic birding is always a crap shoot.  You can't win if you don't play. Play often."