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Seabirds of the New England Coast    Seabirds

Birds usually seen on pelagic trips from New England . Includes:  Shearwaters, Storm-petrels, Gannets, Alcids, Pelagic Gulls and Terns, Jaegers, Skuas. How to identify them and when and where to look for them.



Cape St; Mary Bird Rock  Canada

Seabird breeding colonies in Maine and Maritime Canada  Colonies

Seabirds spends up to 90 % of their lives at sea, but some of the most interesting behavior can only be observed on the breeding grounds.  You can visit colonies of Gannets and Alcids within driving distance of New England.


Humpback Whale Breeching photo EBTarry 

Other Sea Life     Other sea life

Whales, dolphins, sharks, Ocean Sunfish, sea turtles, seals, jellyfish,  and other interesting sea life that can be seen on pelagic trips. Threats to marine life

Take a Trip        Take A Trip

When birders take boat trips to see seabirds the trips are usually called pelagic trips.  This section has links to sponsored trips in the United States and the world.

Pelagic trips to Stellwagen Bank and the Continental Shelf Edge are described.  A special essay discusses sea watch birding during and after Nor'Easters on the New England coast.

Trip Reports from Wandering Birders        Trip Reports

Birders who have traveled to interesting areas for seabirds have written reports of their trips.  Read about the Sheltland Islands, Australia and New Zealand, Midway Atoll.  Plan your own trips.


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