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New England Seabirds

Wilson's Storm-petrel logo Dave Jones



Seabirds - Procellariiformes

Gadfly Petrels

Black-capped Petrel

Pterodroma hasitata

Black-capped Petrel Jeremiah Trimble
Black-capped Petrel photo by Jeremiah Trimble on BBC 2012 July trip.

Carribean Petrels
Petrels that breed on the islands of Carribeans are highly endangered due to human population pressure on the breeding grounds and the decline of fisheries. They include: the Cahow or Bermuda Petrel, Black-capped Petrel and the Jamaican Petrel which is highly endangered and may be extinct.

Breeding of Black-capped Petrel
Haiti: Massif de la Selle and Massif de la Hotte Dominican Republic: Sierra de BaorucoCuba: Sierra Maestra

Eggs are laid Jan - Feb. Forages north of breeding island during breeding season in tropical and subtropical water masses in the wetstern North Atlantic Ocean between 10º and 40º, closely associated with the Gulf Stream from Cape Canaveral , to North Carolina. ( Onley & Scofield 2007)

How To See
The Black-capped Petrel has frequently been sighted from pelagic trips off North Carolina. One bird was spotted on the July 2012 BBC pelagic on the HelenH when sailing in a warm Gulf Stream core. Best bet is to take trips from North Carolina.

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