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New England Seabirds

 Wilson's Storm-petrel  Dave Jones

Birding On My Own
Australia &
New Zealand 2002
Emmalee Tarry
Revised 2015

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Field Guides Australia
Where To Find Birds Australia
Field Guides New Zealand
Where To Find Birds New Zealand


Field Guides Australia

Morcombe, Michael Field Guide to Australian Birds Steve Parish Publishing Pty Ltd; PO Box 1058 Archerfield, Q 4108 Australia 2000

Simpson, Ken and Day, Nicholas with Truxler, Peter
Birds of Australia Princeton University Press ; 41 William Street; Princeton, NJ 08540 1996

Onley, Derek and Bartle, Sandy Identification of Seabirds of the Southern Ocean Te Papa Press; Wellington, NZ

Cronin, Leonard Australian Mammals Environbook ; 38 Rose Street; Annandale, NSW 2038 2000

Hicks, Roger
Checklist of the Birds of Australia ( Available from ABA Books)

Where To Find Birds Australia

Thomas, Richard and Thomas, Sarah T
he complete guide to finding the Birds of Australia Frogmouth Publications; 59 Coolidge Gardens,;

Cottenham 1996 ( Essential although rather dated material. )
Wheatley, Nigel W
here to watch birds in Australasia & Oceania Princeton University Press; Princeton, New Jersey 1998 ( Covers both Australia and New Zealand )

Bennett, Jane et al Watching Wildlife Australia Lonely Planet Publications USA 2000

Wieneke, Jo Where to find Birds in North - East Queensland Jo Wieneke; 22 Bishop St.; Belfian Gardens, Qld 4810 2000 (Hard to find, but essential. I purchased a copy at the Kingfisher Lodge )

Anyon-Smith, Steve Birdwatching in Royal & Heathcote National Parks NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service and available in gift shop at Royal National Park

Field Guides New Zealand

Robertson, Hugh and Heath, Barrie The Hand Guide to the Birds of New Zealand Oxford University Press 2001 ( Available in a paperback reduced edition which is handy for the field. )

Parkinson, Brian New Zealand Seabirds
New Holland Publishers (NZ) Ltd. Auckland, Sydney,London, Cape Town 2000
Where To Watch Birds New Zealand

Where to Find Birds in New Zealand

New Zealand Birding Directory Pamphlet published with Air New Zealand and available in various gift shops. Lists tour operators and various sanctuaries to visit for bird watching. No publisher listed. Essential

Chambers,Stuart Birds of New Zealand Locality Guide Arun Books; South Auckland 2000(This is sort of a cross between a field guide and a where to find guide. Each bird has a section with a photograph and a list of places where it can be found. In the back there is a description of some of the major birding locations. There is also a list of birds, but this is not really a check list. I could not find a check list of New Zealand birds   book.)

Wheatley, Nigel Where to watch birds in Australasia & Oceania Princeton University Press; Princeton, New Jersey 1998 ( Covers both Australia and New Zealand )

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